Dear Future Generations: Sorry

A plastic ocean

Greenland is melting

The Himalaya. World's highest glaciers are melting – billions at risk

Leonardo DiCaprio (UN Messenger of Peace) at the opening of Climate Summit 2014

Plastic Ocean

The Gulf Stream Explained

'So much plastic!': British diver films deluge of waste off Bali

Climate change warning from scientists

5 Human Impacts on the Environment: Crash Course Ecology #10

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic

Final Speech of Dutch physicist Prof. dr. Wubbo Ockels

Starving polar bear video exposes climate change impact

Elon Musk's Unbelievably Simple 12-minute Killer Break Down on Climate Change

1:50 / 2:56 Blue Planet II Plastic Pollution Awareness 2018

Our Future | Narrated by Morgan Freeman

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