Working on your image and brand recognition while supporting charitable cause?

We have a unique and special way of donating and how we reward our donors.

With a business donation to Foundation Visual Shaker your organization will show it is strongly committed to nature, environment, climate and sustainability. There are several ways of supporting us financially and working on your image and brand recognition. We have several interesting ways to thank our donors.

How it works? 

We have our own video platform (Project Awaken) where we show beautiful and catchy nature videos. If the donation is large enough, we can thank our donors in the following ways:

1. Mention the donor (with link to website of your choice )* in text area under the video clip. ( View example )
2. In certain videos hosted by us we can even show your name in a pop-up card while playing the video on our Awaken platform (with link to website of your choice)*. (View example)

Tell us how much you want to donate. We will look at your donation offer to see how we can thank you and how long we can put your company in the spotlight on our video platform Awaken.

1. Visit our video platform AWAKEN.
2. Find a video you want to sponsor. (In addition to the image supporter who made the recordings available, there is room for 1 sponsor per video).
3. Write down the videoclip number of the video you want to sponsor ( starts with FVS…..) .
4. Fill in the form below.
5. Your donation offer is of course free of obligation. You only need to donate when we accept your offer and when you agree with the way we want to reward and thank you!

Use form below to make a donation offer on a video clip without any obligation. Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Because our website has been attacked and people have misused our contact form, we had to remove the contact form. Do you have any questions or do you want information about our foundation? Send us an email:

* The call to action button, pop-up cards during video, text, your banner and links can only be placed in the video if we can host and embed the videos via our hosting channel on our own video platform AWAKEN. Links to websites may of course not be in violation of the law and must fit in with the objectives of our foundation. Your donation is always voluntary and without entitlement to any consideration. The reward should be seen as a thank you to the donor for his donation to our foundation. The foundation decides whether a donor is eligible for a thank-you as described on this page. No rights can be derived from this. Unless otherwise agreed, we will put your company in the spotlight for a maximum of 1 year as described on this page. No rights can be derived from the rewards. If you make a donation, you agree to our terms and conditions. 

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