AWAKEN is the most important project of our foundation. With the AWAKEN project we want to build and promote our own video platform. ( Go to AWAKEN Video Platform ) 

This project actually forms the basis of our foundation. With this project we want to awaken people with catchy and beautiful video clips. With these short videos we want to show how beautiful our nature and planet is. Not from a negative thought (showing what goes wrong, because many people quickly look away when they see too many “negative” images), but from a positive thought. To show what kind of beauty we still have.
Protection of nature, climate, environment and development of sustainability is often approached from figures. However, the art is to touch people from their emotions. What you love and what you are passionate about, you don’t want to hurt…….

AWAKEN: As the name of this project suggests, we want to “wake up” the viewer with images so that people realize that they have to deal well and sustainably with nature, environment and climate. After all, we only have one mother earth! In general, an animal never pollutes its own nest, but what about human ………………?

How we want to achieve this? From a positive approach we want to show how beautiful our mother earth can be. This at local level, but also worldwide. To show people what we still have. Foundation Visual Shaker believes that there are still enough beautiful things and places on our vulnerable planet to fight for. By working together with photographers, videographers, residents of mother earth, companies and organisations that are connected to: nature, environment, climate and sustainability, we want to keep our earth liveable for all its inhabitants.

In summary: With our project Awaken we want to spread beautiful and catchy video images via internet and social media to change people’s awareness in a positive way when it comes to: Nature, environment and climate. With the money people and companies donate we want: Build and maintain our video platform, buy advertising space on the internet and social media to reach people who don’t easily come into contact with images of our beautiful planet.

  • Means: Build and maintain our video platform Making video clips of photos and videos made available by Image Supporters
  • Promotion: Through social media channels and internet (paid and unpaid) and Social Media Supporters and Image Supporters of our foundation.
  • Social Media Channels: Our own video platform . Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkin etc. etc.
  • Employees: Image Supporters and  volunteers of our Foundation. They make free images available
  • Budget/budget: none. Initially we try to promote this project for free. As soon as financial resources are available we will set up paid campaigns through social media channels.
  • Duration: continuous. No end date.
  • >>> Go to our video platform AWAKEN


Our first AWAKEN video:

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