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Foundation Visual Shaker not only supports its own projects. We also actively look for third party projects that fit well with the goals of our foundation.
The larger projects are usually already known to many people. That is why we are looking for small-scale projects that can use some extra money and attention. Projects that are often not yet known to the general public, but that also do a lot of good for our planet.
If the financial means allow it, we will spend a part of our donations on such projects. The advantage of Visualshaker Foundation is that we actively look for special projects that fit within the objectives of our foundation, so you do not have to do this search yourself.
If we don’t have the financial means to support these projects yet, we will pay extra attention to these projects on our website, so you can help them directly.

At this moment we are still looking for small and special projects that fit within the objectives of our foundation. You can support our own project: Awaken


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