Hello photographer and videographer.

Do you want to achieve more with your photos and videos?

Foundation Visual Shaker is looking for beautiful and catchy nature photos and videos for our project AWAKEN (check out the project here).

Why become an Image Supporter?

  • You want to do something good for mother earth with your images and footage.
  • You want to work on your brand awareness.
  • You want to participate in a unique and growing video platform.
  • You want more appreciation for your work and commitment.

If you want to do something good and put your work in the spotlight, then become our Image Supporter.

What is our foundation looking for?

With nature photos and videos we want to make catchy and beautiful video clips. We upload these videos on our own video platform.  With these videos (see description project AWAKEN) we want to show people how beautiful mother earth is and that we should treat her better. We want to work on the awareness of the viewers.  You know better than anyone that one image says more than a thousand words!

Your benifits?

  • Video clips that we produce with your images get at the end a “call to action button” and text with a link to a website of your choice. E.g. your website where you sell your images. (See an example here)
  • In the text section below the video we can upload your logo with a link to a website of your choice. This could be your own website.  (view an example here)
  • Of course, you retain all rights to the work you have made available.
  • We host the video clip for free via our professional video channel at Vimeo.
  • If we use your  photos  in a video clip produced by us, your name will be mentioned as copyright owner.
  • You may officially call yourself Image Supporter of Foundation Visual Shaker.

We must respect the copyrights and also believe that these should be well protected for photographers and videographers. That is why we conclude a Copyright License Agreement with every Image Supporter. This way all parties know what their rights and obligations are.

An example of a Copyright License Agreement can be read and downloaded here.

*These are videos for which you have supplied all the images. The call to action button, text, your banner and links can only be placed if we can host and embed the videos via our hosting channel on our own video platform AWAKEN. Links to websites may of course not be in violation of the law and must fit in with the objectives of our foundation.

From our sponsor: www.ouderenharderwijk.nl 

An example of our “Upload specification photo and video for our Image Supporters” can be read and downloaded here.

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