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Are you concerned at the fate of our earth and do you wish to make a contribution to the work of Foundation Visual Shaker with your beautiful images, please fill out the information below and (Sign Up Here)we will contact you as soon as possible.



You support us and we support you. How?  

We support our Image Supporters: 

First of all the reason you support our work is of course to contribute to the preservation of our Earth and help to protect nature, environment and climate.

To thank you for your cooperation: 

  • You will get one page on our website. You can present your work on this page. You will find an example on this example page;
  • In our “Shop” Image Supporters can show up to 10 images they sell. The Image Supporter must have its own sales site. Visitors who want to buy your image click on your image in our shop and will be linked to your sales site. View our shop;
  • You will get your own banner and/or link on one of the ‘Beautiful Places or Images” pages of your choice to promote yourself. View example ;
  • Because we regularly share images of Image Supporters on our website and social media channels, this has a positive effect on the brand awareness of Image Supporters;
  • Free membership of Community/Forum Image Supporters. Communicating and sharing information and/or asking advice to a colleague Image Supporters worldwide about e.g. work, equipment, software, locations, tips etc..
  • If we use your footage in a video clip which we will distribute using our website and/or social media, we will mention your name in the final credits;
  • Using our logo and putting a link of our website on your website and/or social media channels will have a positive influence on your company towards your visitors. You can officially call yourself an “Image Supporter” of Foundation Visual Shaker.

You support us:

  • You deliver us beautiful and catchy nature images (photo and/or video). With these images we want to produce beautiful video clips to spread the message of our foundation and to achieve our goals. 
  • We also hope that you will support us as a Social Media Supporter.

Benefits for all! 

As professional or amateur photographer/videographer you already know how beautiful our planet is with all its animals and nature. You often know where to find the most beautiful spots which are unknown or unreachable for a lot of people. You also know how to get this on film so the viewer looks at things differently in order to appreciate this more. Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of people who get to see these images. Because a lot of people do not get to see such powerful images, these images remain unknown and often unloved.

As you can read on our page “About Visual Shaker” we would like to convince people by beautiful and powerful images that we have to take better care of our Earth and keep this planet endurable for all its inhabitants (mankind, plants and animals). If we realize the beautiful things we can lose, only then we will be prepared to protect it.

Foundation Visual Shaker would like to introduce our special and beautiful, but also vulnerable Earth to people by powerful video clips. If people realize how much beauty there actually is in their own environment or somewhere else, we hope they will take better care of it. An animal also does not foul its own nest, does it? Our philosophy is do not only show what is going wrong but show how much beauty there still is. We would like to distribute these video clips using our website, social media channels and supporters. We do not only want to reach people who are already committed to our cause but also people who are hardly being introduced to images of our beautiful planet.

And we need your help for this! We would love to use your catchy and powerful footage (photo and/or video). We wish to make video clips of this. Of course you will keep all the rights on the footage made available by you. If you want to support our work, we also feel you need to be offered something in exchange.

Of course there are some rules we need to follow.

Eligibility conditions required to become an “Image Supporter”:

  • You have to stay ‘Image Supporter’ for a minimum of two years;
  • We hope you will also be a Social Media Supporter and will actively distribute and support messages and video clips via your website and/or social media channels;
  • We are allowed to use free images for our video clips, other promotional activities and website without restrictions. If we incorporate images of you into a video clip that we distribute through our website and/or social media, we will include your name in the credits. If we use separate images of you on e.g. social media and/or the internet, we will mention your name as the creator of the image.
  • At first you provide us with at least 20 images, in mutual consultation. After that you provide us with at least 12 images a year. Visual Shaker determines whether the images are accepted.
  • The provided images are yours and you own all rights. You are also authorized to provide these images to our objectives and use;
  • We determine whether you are eligible for an Image Supporter;
  • You agree to the conditions (rights, use and indemnity claims etc..)
  • We can always use images that were made available as part of the objectives of the Foundation. Even if you are no longer an Image Supporter.



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