Terms Image Supporters

If you become an Image Supporter of the Visual Shaker Foundation, you agree to our terms and conditions below.

To become an image supporter you must always sign a Copyright License Agreement.

You can download en read example Copyright License Agreement here. 

What are the other conditions:
– You agree to all terms and conditions that can be found on our page: Terms.
– Visual Shaker Foundation decides if you can become a Image Supporter . No rights can be derived from this.
– If Image Supporter does not comply with our rules, instructions and conditions, Stichting Visual Shaker may terminate the cooperation immediately;
– Image Supporter will not express a negative opinion about Visual Shaker Foundation and/or its work;
– We may use images that have already been made available forever in the context of the Foundation’s objectives. Even if you are no longer an Image Supporter.
– You agree to our Forum and Community rules

In the event that you place ideas and/or materials, including but not limited to texts, images, sounds, software or information (the ‘materials’) on this website or send them to Visual Shaker Foundation by e-mail or otherwise, Visual Shaker Foundation shall be entitled to use, copy and/or commercially exploit these materials in the broadest sense of the term, without being liable for any compensation and Visual Shaker Foundation shall not be bound to keep the materials concerned confidential.
You hereby indemnify Visual Shaker Foundation against all damages suffered by Visual Shaker Foundation and all costs incurred by Visual Shaker Foundation in respect of claims by third parties, that the use and/or exploitation of the materials infringes (intellectual) property rights of third parties or is otherwise unlawful towards a third party.

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