Aart Hoeven

AartHoeven (1966): Founder of Foundation Visual Shaker

Current tasks within the foundation: Chairman and Treasurer. Image Supporter ( Dutch Image Hunter) and volunteer

Profession: entrepreneur, photographer and videographer (Dutch Image Hunter)

I am committed to the Foundation because as a photographer and videographer I am very committed to nature and environment. You see how beautiful our nature and planet is through the camera viewfinder, but I realize our nature, environment and planet is not always like that. As a father of three I sometimes wonder how this will continue ….. I used to say I would dedicate myself to charity if I were a millionaire. I am nowhere near being a millionaire but why wait until you are rich? For the years to come I would like to dedicate my time, knowledge and experience to the Foundation, because in my opinion it is not too late. Nevertheless, we must not wait too long with sustainability.

Heidi Wiertz ( and Croeso)

Heidi Wiertz (1972)

Current tasks within the Foundation: Vice-chairman and secretary. Volunteer.

Profession: Remedial Teaching Practice, care coordinator in Special Education.

I am committed to the Foundation because I love hiking a lot. I sometimes encounter shy animals like a fox, a snake or deer. I can marvel about their beauty and the fact that I was able to see them. I also love going to the woods with my dog so it can run freely. I enjoy the beautiful scenery around me during the seasons. Furthermore, I enjoy watching series in which people are doing voluntary work for an animal rights organization or are working for charity. I am often startled by the fact that so many animals are threatened with extinction or how many beautiful trees and plants are destroyed by humans. I proudly watch these people fight for endangered animals or tropical rainforest. I also would like to do something for Mother Earth but I am not that fond of travelling and it is unfeasiblewith my family. Nevertheless, I can contribute to the preservation of mother earth and everything that lives on it within this foundation

Tessa Hoeven

Tessa Hoeven (2000)

Current tasks within the foundation: board member and volunteer.

Profession/education: student pre-university education (VWO), In September 2019 I hope to start as a student psychology, part-time employee in a supermarket.

Hi! My name is Tessa Hoeven. I’m an eighteen-years-old student from The Netherlands who is really passionate about travelling. By travelling through different countries, you see all the different and beautiful landscapesMother Nature has to offer. I think we need to realise that the human species are part of that nature as well.We are not above the law. We depend on Mother Nature. We can’t survive without her. So why would we waste such beautiful and crucialthings? If we want mankind to survive on this planet and if we want to enjoy the future just as much as the present, we need to stop just taking so many things away from Mother Nature. Instead of only taking, humankind certainly has the intelligence and abilities to start giving things back to our planet and sustain all the beauty that planet Earth is gifted with. I think if the human species are aware of all the beauty and art that you can find on this planet and how necessary this is for our survival, we are more prepared to take care of it. We need to make a change, before there is no change possible anymore. Even a small beginning is a beginning. For me, it means I’m very conscious of my consumerism. I only buy stuff I really need and I try to reduce the amount of waste I produce to the bare minimum. But I’m also trying to travel as green as possible. You see all the beauty in this world by travelling.So why would you destroy that beauty just by travelling? If we take care of Mother Nature, she will give us a lot for it in return.



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