There are a lot of charity organizations in our world and their money does not always end up in the right place. A lot of money is wasted. Vague and ambiguous financial constructions often ensure a donor does not know which part of his donation ends up at the objective.

Foundation Visual Shaker will let you know in advance how we work and deal with your donations, so there are no misunderstandings. We are not affiliated to a label or controlling organization for charities. We believe that in the era of internet a donor is capable enough to consider that an organization spends its money well and keeps its word.

For example, there are charities that have a label but their CEO and management earn a huge salary.

We will willingly let you as donor check our work. After all, social media and internet are a good control mechanism to convince other people that we keep far from corporate greed. We believe there is no better control mechanism like social media and internet. No vague or expensive label, no complicated rules, no smart accountant who knows how to polish or manipulate the results. We publish our data on our website, so you can assess whether we abide by the rules.

Our anti corporate greed:

On 7-1-2019, the Board adopted and approved the following rules.

We have drawn up some codes of conduct to prevent corporate greed:

  1. We will publish our annual financial results on our website, so every visitor can see to which we spend our moneyand which projects we support.
  2. Our foundation needs to make expenses as well to keep the organization going (e.g. administration cost, annual accounts, hosting website, office and structural costs, etc.). We seek to ensure that a maximum of 20% of every net donation and gifts (*) may be spend on expenses and that at least 80% needs to end up at one of our charitable foundations project and/or of third parties projects. This ratio of cost and expenses on projects shall address an average of three financial years. Unfortunately, we cannot cut back on some cost. If, for whatever reason, we have to spend more than 20% on cost, we will reduce the cost as mentioned in paragraph 3 (labor cost and contract work) provided it does not conflict statutory rules and legislation. After all, we cannot jeopardize the foundation’s survival and its projects. If the annual net income from gifts and donations (*) is less than € 150.000,=, then 20% percentage may be increased to maximum 25%.
  3. Our organization usually works with volunteers. Nevertheless, we will need to employ specialists and/or external experts for certain tasks. When we employ (external) people, the expenses need to be market conform. However, we regularly need to assess the market conformity of the expenses and/or whether hiring peoplecan be cheaper (ensuring quality of course).

We will need to comply with legislation of the residence from which the foundation is active and/or established for employing people. However, reimbursement of employment and/or expenses employers receive, cannot be higher than is prevailing on the market (assessment in residence from which the foundation is active and/or the employee is active). In this way we try to prevent ‘corporate greed’ and behavior.

In order to prevent chairmen, CEO’s and/or other management positions earn excessively, we present strict remuneration policies:

An employee receives for this position a maximum of gross (fulltime and exclusive overhead):

Twice an average income a year. The assessment shall consider the average income of the country in which the employee is most active and/or from which the employee is working. For example, the average income in the Netherlands is set by € 39.000 gross a year in 2019.

4. if we support project from third parties, we will monitor that the money which is donated by us ends up in the right place. If possible we will support projects which respond to our anti corporate greed rules.

5. If you have any further questions about our anti corporate greed rules, annual figures, projects and/or financial management, you can mail to . We would like to start a dialogue with you on this.

  • (*) Net donation and gifts: the revenues which remain after deduction of tax, statutory contribution, bank charges, possible notary fees , transaction cost and remaining transaction cost for received donations and gifts.

Don’t judge us on labels, but judge us based on behavior and results!

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