If we realize the beautiful things we can lose, only then we will be prepared to protect it.

The overview effect which astronauts have when they look at our Earth from space is one of the reasons we started Foundation Visual Shaker.

The overview effect is a change of consciousness which astronauts go through when they view the Earth from space. Who looks at the Earth from space, sees no boarders or conflicts, only a blue planet which is protected by a thin atmosphere. Without exception all astronauts are moved by this image of a vulnerable earth. They strongly feel the need to protect it. Philosopher Frank White calls this feeling the overview effect.

From space astronauts realize that this planet is our home and all we have got. According to philosopher Govert Derix you can compare the feeling astronauts have with being in love. If you view our planet from space, you intuitively know that you belong there. The overview effect can help with protecting our nature, climate, environment and sustainability.

Protection of nature, climate, environment and development of sustainability is often approached from numbers. However, it is far more effective to engage people emotionally. You do not want to hurt the thing you love and you are passionate about …..

Visual Shaker: As the name suggests, we would like to shake up the viewer so he is going to realize that he needs to conserve nature, environment and climate. After all, we only have one Mother Earth! In general an animal does not foul its own nest, but what about humans ……. ?

How do we want to accomplish this? From a positive approach worldwide, but we would also like to show the beauty of our Earth and direct environment locally. Show people what we still have. Foundation Visual Shaker thinks there are enough beautiful things and places left on our vulnerable planet to fight for. By working together with photographers, videographers, inhabitants of Mother Earth, companies and organizations connected to: nature, environment, climate and sustainability, we would like to keep our Earth endurable for all its inhabitants.

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OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

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